kblib 0.2.3
General utilities library for modern C++
kblib Directory Reference


file  algorithm.h [code]
 Provides general-purpose algorithms, similar to the <algorithms> header.
file  bits.h [code]
 Provides bit-manipulation functions and classes.
file  build.h [code]
 Provides by-value algorithms which produce containers.
file  containers.h [code]
 Provides generic operations for containers, as well as kblib::stack.
file  convert.h [code]
 Provides facilities to convert between various kinds of representations.
file  delayed_construct.h [code]
 Provides delayed_construct, an optional-like type that cannot be cleared.
file  direct_map.h [code]
 Provides direct_map.
file  enumerate-contrib-cry.h [code]
file  enumerate-contrib-tw.h [code]
file  fakestd.h [code]
 This header provides some features of C++17 <type_traits> and other headers for C++14, as well as some other traits.
file  format.h [code]
 Contains some utilities for manipulating and querying string representations.
file  hash.h [code]
 Provides generic facilities for hashing data, and aliases for standard unordered containers using the provided hash objects.
file  icu.h [code]
 Provides some basic interfaces to make using ICU smoother.
file  intrusive_containers.h [code]
 Provides map types which directly use the members of the value type to create the map structure.
file  io.h [code]
 Provides I/O utilities.
file  iterators.h [code]
 This file provides some iterators, ranges, iterator/range adapters, and operations that can be performed on iterators or smart pointers.
file  kblib.h [code]
 Includes most other headers in kblib.
file  logic.h [code]
 Provides basic compile-time logic operations.
file  memory.h [code]
 Provides utilities to enable safe and expressive memory management and low-level memory manipulation.
file  multi_span.h [code]
 Provides multi_span.
file  poly_obj.h [code]
 Provides poly_obj, which enables polymorphism to be used without unnecessary per-object dynamic allocations.
file  random.h [code]
 Provides utilities to correctly and expressively use C++11's random number generation library, without requiring a PhD.
file  simple.h [code]
 Provides general utilities which do not fit in any more specific header.
file  sort.h [code]
 {WIP} Provides a fast and generic sorting interface.
file  stats.h [code]
 Provides numerical and mathematical utilities.
file  stringops.h [code]
 Provides utilities for performing common operations on strings.
file  tdecl.h [code]
 Provides macros and basic templates used by the rest of kblib.
file  traits.h [code]
 Contains some type traits not in the standard library that are useful in the implementation of kblib.
file  trie.h [code]
 Provides the trie data structure.
file  variant.h [code]
 Provides utilities for working with std::variant more expressively and more efficiently.