kblib 0.2.3
General utilities library for modern C++
enumerate-contrib-cry.h File Reference
#include "tdecl.h"
#include <iterator>
#include <type_traits>
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struct  kblib::detail_cry::value_index_pair< Iterator >
struct  kblib::detail_cry::value_and_index_base< Range, typename >
struct  kblib::detail_cry::value_and_index_base< Range, std::enable_if_t< not std::is_reference_v< Range > > >
struct  kblib::detail_cry::value_and_index_impl< Range >
struct  kblib::detail_cry::value_and_index_impl< Range >::iterator
struct  std::tuple_size< kblib::detail_cry::value_index_pair< T > >
struct  std::tuple_element< 0, kblib::detail_cry::value_index_pair< T > >
struct  std::tuple_element< 1, kblib::detail_cry::value_index_pair< T > >


namespace  kblib
 The main namespace in which all entities from kblib are defined.
namespace  kblib::detail_cry
namespace  std


template<std::size_t N, typename T , std::enable_if_t< N==0 > * = nullptr>
auto kblib::detail_cry::get (T &&t) -> std::conditional_t< std::is_reference_v< T >, const std::size_t &, const std::size_t >
template<typename Range >
auto kblib::cry_enumerate (Range &&range) -> auto