kblib 0.2.3
General utilities library for modern C++
kblib::detail::next_larger_signed< T > Struct Template Reference

#include <kblib/fakestd.h>


struct  false_compare

Public Types

using ints_map = type_map< std::intmax_t, std::less<>, make_smap_el< std::int_least8_t >, make_smap_el< std::int_least16_t >, make_smap_el< std::int_least32_t >, make_smap_el< std::int_least64_t >, make_smap_el< std::intmax_t > >
using type = typename decltype(ints_map::template get_default< max_val< T >+1 >())::type

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct kblib::detail::next_larger_signed< T >

Definition at line 793 of file fakestd.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ints_map

template<typename T >
using kblib::detail::next_larger_signed< T >::ints_map = type_map< std::intmax_t, std::less<>, make_smap_el<std::int_least8_t>, make_smap_el<std::int_least16_t>, make_smap_el<std::int_least32_t>, make_smap_el<std::int_least64_t>, make_smap_el<std::intmax_t> >

Definition at line 803 of file fakestd.h.

◆ type

template<typename T >
using kblib::detail::next_larger_signed< T >::type = typename decltype( ints_map::template get_default<max_val<T> + 1>())::type

Definition at line 808 of file fakestd.h.

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